Our coffee Washing station

our Coffee Washing Stations (CWS) are facilities through which the production is taken for add value. They are the centers that gather all coffee produce from farms in the same zone to be washed and dried. All coffee farmers are registered and well known at this level and any sensitization or change to be realized can be slightly made possible by the owners of these CWS.

Remera Coffee Washing Station

When you go to South Province in Rwanda, Remera coffee washing station (CWS) attracts you at the moment with an amazing spectacular of collaboration of hills and dry beds. Remera CWS is located in Nyamagabe District taking 3 hours from

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Ubumwe Coffee Washing Station

Bufcoffee’s forth coffee washing station (CWS) is called Ubumwe CWS in Kamonyi District which is only 20 minutes far away from the capital city Kigali. This CWS is getting ready for operation, as it has not been used for a

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Umurage Coffee Washing Station

Umurage Coffee washing station (CWS) is the third washing station of Bufcoffee Ltd and it started its operation in the 2017 season. Its location encourages the CWS to produce more quality coffee. The location is Kigoma Sector, Huye District, Southern

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