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Life without Coffee is Scary
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To maximize our customer satisfaction by supplying
them with the finest Rwandan coffee, with a variety of
cupping profile, produced from all Rwanda 4 corners
(Eastern, Northern, Southern, and Western provinces).

Our Mission

Satisfying our customer needs while improving the livelihoods of our smallholder coffee farmers.

Our Values

  1. Royalty 
  2. Fairness 
  3. Quality 
  4. Efficiency
  5. Sustainability

Founder's Comment

I am a founder of Bufcoffee as the first woman producing specialty coffee in Rwanda. Bufcoffee Ltd is a coffee company which produces and exports coffee starting in 2001. 

Most of Bufcoffee small farmers started to practice coffee agriculture in 1952, where coffee was ordinary processed and sold locally. This company had continued to grow, where it now has four washing coffee stations- Kamonyi , Kigoma ,Remera and Nyarusiza in Nyamagabe District in the Southern Province and two dry mill.


Fully washed and hulls are produced. Bufcoffee Ltd is not only involved in producing and exporting coffee, it cares about its small coffee farmers socially and economically. Training and information on how to increase coffee yield and improve the community wealth ,are being given to the small farmers Basically, the creation of Bufcoffee Ltd has impacted the community of southern province in terms of Economic, healthy, and education development. We humbly hope your participation in tasting our coffee for community development

Epiphanie Mukashyaka
Bufcoffee Founder

Social Responsibility

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