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Executive summary

Bufcoffee was founded in 2003 by the first woman specialty coffee producer Epiphanie MUKASHYAKA. Bufcoffee has been based in Nyamagabe District, Southern Province, Rwanda, where a high altitude and professional farmers allow it to produce splendid coffee.

Bufcoffee always cares about sustainability of its coffee and livelihood of its farmers. Those unlimited efforts have been awarded in coffee quality by Cup of Excellence several times. 

We are proud of this honorable awards and decide to keep up the quality to improve our Rwandan community itself.


Bufcoffee Ltd is Rwandan coffee producing and exporting family limited company. It was created inn2003 by Epiphanie MUKASHYAKA, a widow of 7 children, after receiving trainings on fully washed coffee production and quality control which were given, in 2000, by a USAID sponsored project PEARL (The Partnership for Enhancing Agriculture in Rwanda through Linkages). At its creation, in 2003, Bufcoffee was a sole proprietorship business entity, with one coffee washing station (CWS), namely Remera, located in the Southern province of Rwanda, District of Nyamagabe, and Sector of Gasaka. With Remera CWS, Epiphanie shifted from producing commercial to high value specialty coffee, whose prices are relatively higher and stable. She was the first woman in Rwanda to produce fully washed (FW) specialty coffee. As the business was growing, in 2005/2006, Bufcoffee constructed the second CWS, called Nyarusiza, also located in the Southern province of Rwanda, District of Nyamagabe, andthe sector of Kamegeri.

Until 2015, Bufcoffee was renting a drying mill machine for FW coffee beans de-hulling. In 2016, Bufcoffee acquired its own dry milling plant located, also, in the Southern province of Rwanda, District of Kamonyi, which has minimized production costs and improved coffee traceability. Bufcoffee is opening, soon, two additional CWS. “Umurange CWS”, which will be located in the Southern province of Rwanda, district of Huye, and “Ubumwe CWS”, also, in the Southern province of Rwanda, within the district of Kamonyi


C U P  O F  E X C E L L E N C E 

Bufcoffee, which was serving less than 500 farmers in 2003, is now procuring coffee cherries from almost 7,000 smallholder farmers in the Southern province of Rwanda, among them 1,069 are registered members. Due to its exceptional coffee quality, Bufcoffee was awarded in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014 respectively with the Cup of Excellence. Its coffee is, now, appreciated by different buyers across the world for its uniqueness in flavors. In 2003 Bufcoffee had one buyer from USA. By 2017, Bufcoffee had several coffee buyers from different countries, across the world, such as, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, UK, and USA.

  • 2008 : Awarded 7th in “Cup of Excellence”
  • 2010 : Awarded 14th in “Cup of Excellence”
  • 2011 : Awarded 23rd in “Cup of Excellence”
  • 2013 : Awarded 7th in “Cup of Excellence”
  • 2014 : Awarded 23th in “Cup of Excellence”

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