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Remera CWS

                     Breathtaking spectacle

When you go to South Province in Rwanda, Remera coffee washing station (CWS) attracts you at the moment with an amazing spectacular of collaboration of hills and dry beds.

Remera CWS is located in Nyamagabe District taking 3 hours from the capital Kigali. One of the greatest features of Remera CWS is its high which allows Bufcoffee to collect mature, dense and sweet cherries at altitude between 1,800 – 2,200m to the CWS. This high altitude makes cherries mature very slowly so that it brings well balanced acidity and sweetness to cherries.

Additionally, Remera area is enriched with nutritious soil and pure water because of being close to the national forest Nyungwe and source of River Nile. The soil and pure water supply enough nutrition and it gives clearness and complex flavor when you cup. Particularly, we receive sufficient rainfall during a year. 

For these good conditions for growing coffee cherries, we have more than 3,000 small size famers and receive approximately 800t of high quality cherries out there.

All of its cherries are Arabica Bourbon variety and they are carefully processed as fully washed At Remera CWS, we have several new challenges which you can seldom see at other place, for example, shade drying and natural processing. To attain higher quality, we don’t hesitate to put any efforts to find the best way or best processing method for our coffee. Thanks to those efforts from each worker, Remera CWS has been awarded in Cup of Excellence many times (2008, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2013).

Nyarusiza cws

Devised farmers
Nyarusiza coffee washing station (CWS) is the second asset for Bufcoffee. The founder of Bufcoffee, Epiphanie initiated this CWS in 2005.

Nyarusiza CWS was established in Kamegeri Sector, Nyamagabe District, South Province. There are thousands of well practicing farmers with a long history bringing coffee to the CWS. Seeing the
size of coffee leaves at the farm, you can easily find out how much the trees are treated in a good way with shade trees, mulching and fertilizer under the control. Even locally elaborated techniques can be seen, such as some pruning style. Some farmers produce 3 times more cherries than the average.
Nyarusiza CWS has used quite clean water for all processing stages due to rich water supply from Nyungwe national park. Its nourishing soil is a key for farmers to keep supplying good quantity of cherries. Nyarusiza is located at a high elevation around 1,800 – 2,000m and collected cherries from approximately 2,000 farmers. Its
capacity for processing cherries is 700 – 800t for full wash.
As well as Remera CWS, Nyarusiza has got Cup of Excellence awards. For improvement on the quality, Nyarusiza CWS uses tanks to test fermentation hours and types at the beginning of the year to adjust for each year’s cherry condition. Therefore, when cupping, Nyarusiza coffee lots taste rich body with aromatic flavor, which absolutely satisfies our client

Ubumwe CWS

Bufcoffee’s forth coffee washing station (CWS) is called Ubumwe CWS in Kamonyi District which is only 20 minutes far away from the capital city Kigali. This CWS is getting ready for operation, as it has not been used for a long time. Bufcoffee gas found a coffee quality potential with many researches and with confidence Bufcoffee can produce another different value to your basket from here in Ubumwe.

According to the research, Ubumwe area has rich nutrition in the soil, especially Phosphoric, Zinc and Boron. The nutrition is necessary for coffee growth and it increases ripeness directly. Even Ubumwe is near Kigali, it is located at high elevation and receives cherries from approximately 500 farmers living at 1,550m – 1,700m. Bufcoffee expects capacity to be 1,500t for the launching season.

A feature of Ubumwe CWS is that coffee cherries are immediately processed to cup, because Ubumwe CWS has also a dry mill and a cupping lab facility. It allows workers to check quality easily and therefore, we are  able to improve quality sustainably with farmers.
Surrounded by the forest, Ubumwe CWS protects its nature around by using clean water and good drainage treatment.

Umurage CWS

Clean water for full wash
Umurage Coffee washing station (CWS) is the third washing station of Bufcoffee Ltd and it started its operation in the 2017 season. Its location encourages the CWS to produce more quality coffee. The location is Kigoma Sector, Huye District, Southern Province in Rwanda and namely, Huye District has been the most awarded District for Cup of Excellence since it launched in 2008. 

In Huye District, there is a plenty of clean water coming from National Forest Nyungwe, which is counted as one of the sources of River Nile

Actually, the water in Huye District is so clean that it has been used for mineral water, and that is the reason why a fully washed process got started from Huye District in Rwanda. 

Surrounded by Mountain Huye, Umurage CWS collects cherries from a number of farmers at altitude between 1,600m and 1,800m. This allows Bufcoffee to serve splendid coffee that you will be satisfied.

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