Nyarusiza Coffee Washing Station

Nyarusiza coffee washing station (CWS) is the second asset for Bufcoffee. The founder of Bufcoffee, Epiphanie initiated this CWS in 2005. Nyarusiza CWS was established in Kamegeri Sector, Nyamagabe District, South Province. There are thousands of well practicing farmers with a long history bringing coffee to the CWS. Especially, even from the CWS, you can see huge foliage of shade trees shading coffee trees to rest well for effective photosynthesis. Also, locally elaborated techniques can be seen, such as some pruning style. Some farmers produce 3 times more cherries than the average.

Nyarusiza CWS has used quite clean water for all processing stages due to rich water supply from Nyungwe national park. Its nourishing soil is a key for farmers to keep supplying good quantity of cherries. Nyarusiza is located at a high elevation around 1,800 – 2,000m and collected cherries from approximately 2,000 farmers. Its capacity for processing cherries is 700 – 800t for full wash. As well as Remera CWS, Nyarusiza has got Cup of Excellence awards. For improvement on the quality, Nyarusiza CWS uses tanks to test fermentation hours and types at the beginning of the year to adjust for each year’s cherry condition. Therefore, when cupping, Nyarusiza coffee lots taste rich body with aromatic flavor, which absolutely satisfies our clients.