Ubumwe Coffee Washing Station

Bufcoffee’s forth coffee washing station (CWS) is called Ubumwe CWS in Kamonyi District which is only 20 minutes far away from the capital city Kigali. This CWS is getting ready for operation, as it has not been used for a long time. Bufcoffee has found a coffee quality potential with many researches and with confidence Bufcoffee can produce another different value to your basket from here in Ubumwe.

According to the research, Ubumwe area has rich nutrition in the soil, especially Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc and Boron, which are significantly necessary for coffee growth and it promotes cherry ripeness and root development directly. This nutrition difference has a huge impact on coffee growing and therefore, Ubumwe CWS produces outstanding quality coffee. Even though Ubumwe is near Kigali at a low elevation, it receives cherries from approximately 500 farmers living at 1,550m – 1,700m. Bufcoffee expects capacity to be 1,500t for the upcoming season.

Another feature of Ubumwe CWS is that coffee cherries are immediately processed to cup, because Ubumwe CWS has also a dry mill and a cupping lab facility. It allows workers to check quality easily and therefore, we are able to improve quality sustainably with farmers. Surrounded by the forest, Ubumwe CWS protects its nature around by using clean water and good drainage treatment.