Umurage Coffee Washing Station

Umurage Coffee washing station (CWS) is the third washing station of Bufcoffee Ltd and it started its operation in the 2017 season. Its location encourages the CWS to produce more quality coffee. The location is Kigoma Sector, Huye District, Southern Province in Rwanda and namely, Huye District has been the most awarded District for Cup of Excellence since it was launched in 2008. In Huye District, there is a plenty of clean water coming from National Forest Nyungwe, which is counted as one of the sources of River Nile. Actually, the water in Huye District is so clean that it has been used for mineral water, and that is the reason why a fully washed process got started from Huye District in Rwanda. Surrounded by Mountain Huye, Umurage CWS collects cherries from a number of farmers at altitude between 1,600m and 1,800m. This allows Bufcoffee to serve splendid coffee that you will be satisfied.